REVEAL by Richard Koscher


By (author): Richard Koscher


Subtitle: The empowerment of Appropriation Art


In his book "REVEAL: The Empowerment of Appropriation Art", Richard delves into the theory that the notion of an original and singular artistic genius is, in fact, a myth. He explores the influence of masters like Goya, who replicated the works of Diego Velazquez, and Picasso, who drew inspiration from Braque, as well as the impact of Campendonk's association with Kandinsky. The exhibition serves as a revelation, highlighting that no matter how meticulously reproduced, a copy can never fully capture the essence of the original due to the ever-shifting context it exists within. Richard emphasizes that since we are constantly shaped by history, our perspectives are forever in flux.

ISBN: 978-87-7620-298-9

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective


Editorial Assistant: Natalia Manole

Designer: Tea Jagodic

Published on: 07/09/2024

Category: Art

Price (€): 89

Keywords: Expressionism, Der Blaue Reiter, Heinrich Campendonk, Franz Marc, Gabriele Münter, Wassily Kandinsky, Kiki Kogelnik, Max Ernst, Johannes Vermeer, Max Pechstein, Kees van Dongen, Johannes Molzahn, Fernand Léger, Gustav Klimt

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