Liquid Art & Beyond by Peter Mueller


By (author): Peter Mueller

Title: Liquid Art & Beyond

Subtitle: The art to shape water


In "Liquid Art and Beyond," Peter Mueller embarks on an evocative exploration of water, the elixir of life, through the lens of his camera. This stunning collection captures the transient beauty of water in its myriad forms—each image a testament to the art and fascination of seizing moments that exist for only a fraction of a second before vanishing into memory. Mueller’s work invites us to appreciate the ephemeral nature of water, from the delicate dance of droplets to the majestic flow of waterfalls, reminding us of the fluid beauty that surrounds us.

...And beyond. The journey extends to the majestic American national parks, where Mueller's lens shifts from the microscopic to the panoramic. Through his eyes, we explore spectacular landscapes and encounter breathtaking wildlife, each frame a celebration of the natural world's unparalleled beauty and diversity. From the serene to the sublime, "Liquid Art and Beyond" is a homage to the wonders of water and the wild, capturing the heart and soul of the planet we call home.

Perfect for art lovers, photography aficionados, and nature enthusiasts alike, "Liquid Art and Beyond" is more than a book; it's an invitation to see the world through Peter Mueller’s unique perspective. It challenges us to find beauty in the fleeting, to explore beyond the visible, and to immerse ourselves in the extraordinary journey of life and art. 

ISBN: 978-87-7620-321-4

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective


Editorial Assistant: Silvia Antoni

Published on: in production

Category: Art

Price (€): 89

Keywords: liquid art, drops, macrophotography, high speed photography, water sculptures, water drop photography, american national parks, wildlife, yellow stone national park

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