Beyond the cards By Florina ALEDO PEREZ


By (author): Florina ALEDO PEREZ

Title: Beyond the cards

Subtitle: Le dessous des cartes de Tarot


Beyond appearances, hide the emotions that govern us. The “Beyond the cards” is the reflection that one card game can mask another, the game of life. I use the Third Art to flirt with the Divinatory Art and reveal to you my vision of the major mysteries of the tarot deck. Do not see in the choice of this mystical theme, a budding passion for esotericism or a reconversion in cartomancy, but rather an invitation to a philosophical analysis of our lives. Let's draw the cards, and see what they inspire us. XVIII. THE MOON The moon chart shows us soft light. It barely illuminates, highlights certain elements and conceals others. This exhibition is a bit like that! Popular iconographies, the star, the world, the sun, justice, mean many things; it's up to you to interpret them. Some will read obvious messages, others will be confused by certain symbols. In cards, as in Art, I appeal to everyone's sensitivity. XI. STRENGTH With this exhibition, I am tackling a difficult task. I discover a new format, that of the card, more elongated; and I work mysteries and symbols that are centuries old. Challenge accepted ! I make constraint a force. I use the typical format of this mythical card game, as an asset. I offer different levels of reading. I zoom in on an element of the map, to guide the uninitiated; or I take the height, to better depict you a cacophony of symbols. III. THE EMPRESS The Empress is feminine strength, the fighter woman, the courageous. So, even if I experiment with new formats and dust off an ancestral game, I remain faithful to my artistic universe. I use symbols that are dear to me: flowers, colors, women. For the cart map for example, exit the two horses hitched to the cart. I preferred to modernize this mystery with a big bike. The two stallions are embroidered on the biker's blouse, which sets off with confidence. I don't redefine the codes, I appropriate them. VI. THE LOVER And finally, the lover card, which symbolizes intimacy and feelings. Through "Beyond the cards", I seek to move, I whisper in the ear of your subconscious. Every detail is important. It challenges your inner self and echoes your intimate memories. Your Madeleine by Proust. This exhibition is an invitation to a moment of introspection, an opportunity to listen to your feelings. So, come and discover the underside of the cards. Everyone will be affected in a different way, everyone will have their own interpretation, their intimate conviction.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-82-0

Book language: English/French

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Publication date: In production


Number of pages: 192

Category: art book

Price (€): 79

Keywords: taro, cards, mystical, art, card game, third art, philosophy, symbols.

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