By (author) : ARUNABHA KUNDU


I am a Kolkata and Howrah based street photographer. As a photographer, my aim persists on to explore street photography as a key to reach the common people and their lives. I like to tell their stories through my lens. Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta, is the capital of west Bengal and the most densely populated cities of India. Kolkata  became a British trading post in the last part of the 17th century. Kolkata once served as the capital of British power in India is known for its colonial buildings including the grand Victoria memorial. Other important sights include the Howrah Bridge, an engineering marvel over the river Hooghly, Howrah station and the Indian museum and many more. Apart from these, one can find stories in the streets of Kolkata. The streets are sometimes glorified with  different festivals, rituals, parades and rallies. As it is the place of cultural harmony, one can enjoy the flavor of  different festivals of different cultures.


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Publication date: 2022-05-04


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Keywords: People, travel, India, Kolkata, Howrah, street, silhouette, light, shadow, light and shadow, festivals, sunset, sunrise, childhood, monsoon, rain, hand pull rickshaw, tradition, colors, yellow taxi, maidan, yoga, horses, durga puja, dhunuchi dance, mannequins, Eid, culture, winter, reflection

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