The MrBLACK Book By Micah Black


By (author): Micah Black

Title: The MrBLACK Book

Subtitle: The Art and Adventures of Micah Black


A collection of paintings, drawings, and murals by Micah Black, “The MrBLACK Book” is an odyssey into the realm of MrBlack. In his pursuit to understand existence, Black boldly transcends the boundaries of one-liners, form, and minimalism. Each piece uncovers a fragment of a larger narrative - one that explores the human experience and the essence of life. Open your mind and delve into the enigmatic world of a street artist, guided by the creative spirit of MrBlack.

ISBN: 978-1-914569-51-7

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Publication date: 4/15/2023


Number of pages: 128

Category: multidisciplinary art

Keywords: painting, illustration, murals, street art, multi media art

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