KRAAPS By Loïc Rodrigues


By (author): Loïc Rodrigues


Subtitle: Creative Portfolio


Meet Loïc Rodrigues. Talented autodidact. Born in Clermond-Ferrand, living and working in Paris. Down-to-earth guy with an exceptional style and thirst for beauty. “KRAAPS” is a compilation of Loïc’s best works, capturing his edgy photographic and aesthetic style: sharp, daring, witty and uncompromising. What else is Kraaps, you might ask? Untamed bodies shoot at unusual angles. Punky playfulness. Splashy colours and stunning fashion. More importantly - fascinating human beings behind and in front of the camera lens. „ My head is constantly buzzing with new ideas. Moreover, I strike while the iron is still hot. Instead of censoring myself, I try to materialize and realize every crazy idea I have. In other words, my professional adrenaline dose is applying a unique approach to every photoshoot and project. This book tells a story of my professional and personal evolution. It represents my best work,” Loïc explains.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-90-5

Book language: English, French

Publishing house: Snap Collective Paris

Publication date: 3/25/2023


Number of pages: 176

Category: Photography

Keywords: studio photography, fashion, edgy, lifestyle, models, Paris, aesthetic, style, authentic, wild, mode, lumière, art, contraste, symétrique, couleur

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