Beautiful British Columbia by Wendy McKinlay


By (author): Wendy McKinlay


Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, diverse ecosystems, beautiful stretches of coastline. If you could visit only one part of Canada, then British Columbia should be it. That said, the province is far too large to be covered in a single book. “Beautiful British Columbia” provides a glimpse into the regions of the province that the author enjoys the most – all of them within easy driving distance of the author’s home in the Lower Mainland. Through the lens of the author’s camera, you will visit the Lower Mainland and Vancouver, a city surrounded by water and snow capped mountains. The lakes, streams and wetlands of the Fraser Valley that afford breathtaking landscapes and are home to countless species of wildlife. Whistler with its waterfalls, alpine lakes and amazing mountain vistas. You’ll see the raw beauty of Vancouver Island, its sandy beaches and the rugged coastline of its West Coast. The semi-arid Okanagan Valley with its rolling hills and vineyards. The ever changing landscape of the Fraser and Thompson River Canyons and the lakes and picturesque landscapes of the Cariboo on the high plateau. Finally, the spectacular scenery along the TransCanada Hwy as it passes through Glacier National Park and Yoho National Park.

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Published on: 2021-05-24

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