What A Life Could Be By Albin Sjödin


By (author): Albin Sjödin

Title: What A Life Could Be

Subtitle: A Brindle Record


Spanning a decade, ‘What A Life Could Be’ is the first printed exhibit of Albin’s collected photographic work, lending the viewer his eye for bits in time that seem to hold special weight. The book contains the documentary work and portraiture that has come to grow out of the Swedish cinematographers’ devotion to visual memoirs. Yet, in the artist's ambition to challenge his perfectionist side, the book additionally contains raw and unedited moments and notes that carry an unexpected side to the edition as a whole.

ISBN: 978-1-915925-13-8

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Paris

Publication date: 6/02/2023

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Number of pages: 144

Category: Art book

Keywords: portraiture, documentary, analog photography, memoir, raw, life

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