To see and Understand by Katya Sysoeva and Semyon Agroskin


By (author): Katya Sysoeva and Semyon Agroskin

Title: To see and Understand

Subtitle: painting graphics


Two authors, two views. Katerina Sysoeva & Semyon Agroskin - two artists living together, united by a marital bond, strongly influence each other. Their creative dialogue, imperceptible at first glance, does not manifest itself in the subjects of their works. However, their mutual influence is a major factor in their creative journey, since the links that are woven around their vision of art and the artist's raison d'être are much more important than simple echoes of subjects or of styles.

The role of the artist in society, particularly in the current context of crises and other international turbulence, is a recurring subject of discussion. 

ISBN: 978-87-7620-228-6

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective


Editorial Assistant: Natalia Manole

Designer: Irina Furtuna

Published on: in production

Category: Art

Price (€): 89

Keywords: Graphics, painting, to see, to understand, memory, space

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