RACINES by Marc Posso


By (author): Marc Posso


Subtitle: L'art, le secret de l'éternité


RACINES is Marc Posso's first photography book. From Gabon to Paris, this book tells the story of his personal evolution and his love for photography from 2017 to the present day. RACINES touches upon themes of self-love, brotherhood, sorority, and the black woman.

In his work, Posso explores and combines portraiture, fashion, and collages. These elements are today the basis of his photographic identity, which has been inspired by colours, shapes, faces, and African cultures.

This collection of work is an eternal imprint of the world because art is the secret of immortality. Posso defines his artworks as "pure” depictions of the moments he captures, as it is important for him to freeze reality and not to transform it.

Marc Posso has published this book, an oeuvre d’art in itself, to share his art with wider audiences and inspire people from all walks of life.

ISBN: 978-87-94484-12-1

Book language: English/French

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Publisher representative: Elizabeth Atanassova

Published on: 7/10/2023

Category: Art

Keywords: Contemporary art, portrait, fashion, colors, photography

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