Présence Absente By Apollonia Orsoni


By (author): Apollonia Orsoni

Title: Présence Absente

Subtitle: Between abstractions and reality, from colors to darkness


The book is an encounter between black and white, color photos, texts, and canvasses splashed with a wild brush all haphazardly. I simply wanted to develop on paper what was caught by my lens. Imagining what happens before the snapshot and what will happen after; what is happening inside the lens opens a whole world so often far away from reality. Beauty and new meanings suddenly appear when and where one is not expecting it. We live in a real world but full of hidden abstract realities. Reflecting in a glass bathed in light and shade, I imagined some female genius appearing from nowhere. Suddenly from the photos, a story unfolds and I love writing about it, while it comes from nowhere. I feel a need to link to each other every moment photographed so that altogether a large horizon fills my vision as well as my mind, and there, great adventures take place just like in a movie. We never really know who is in there: creatures, a ghost, lovers, fishermen at night, a whole world in fact surging out of the past or the future to land up here and now, for us to discover and surprise us.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-77-6

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 24/02/2023


Number of pages: 180

Category: photo book

Keywords: textures, movements, blurry, atmosphere, mysterious, darkness, lights.

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