Polvere a colori (Coloured dust) By Gabriele Gentile


By (author): Gabriele Gentile

Title: Polvere a colori (Coloured dust)

Subtitle: La grande bellezza dell’Italia abbandonata (The great beauty of abandoned Italy)


A journey of years throughout Italy in search of abandoned buildings whose charm has not been eroded but sublimated by the action of time, bringing it closer to that romantic ideal in which pleasure and fear, majesty, and awe of it merge together.

Ancient villas and palaces, imposing castles, sumptuous period hotels, prestigious churches and theaters, all share the current state of oblivion and the decadent beauty they emanate. The scent of dust still soaked with life, the peeling walls, the precious fallen chandeliers: portraits of architecture. Within these environments the power of photography to stop time becomes magic, succeeding in the feat of turning it back. The nostalgic time of the past prevails, the one now crystallized of men and their emotions, but the time of the present, the silent one of the clocks, continues to flow. The demonstration and signature of this is the nature that inexorably returns to take back its spaces and the dust that begins to envelop everything, though without ever fading. A dust in color.

ISBN-13: 978-1-914569-45-6

Book language: Bilingual (English + Italian)

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 6/15/2022

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Number of pages: 122

Category: 1587 - Kunst/Fotografie

Keywords: photography, architecture, interior, urbex, urban, exploration, abandon, abandoned, fineart, Italy, Vetroviola, villa, decay, art, history, vintage, fotografia, architettura, interni, abbandono, arte, Italia

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