'Ncantesimo by Camilla Calato


By (author): Camilla Calato

Title: 'Ncantesimo

Subtitle: aria di casa


I walk and it feels like I am able to recognize in every face that I meet my people, my streets, the places of my childhood, the moving notes of an accordion played in the streets, the children’s laughs in the Villa Comunale, my grandfather’s stories from past times. The joy. That one of a mandolin, a sudden joke, an unnecessary advice. The heat. That one of the sun and the people, able to soften even the hardest soul. The force. That one of the sea that looks after this city and this population that has risen many times. The love. That one that is ever present there and makes me feel at home anywhere in the world.

'Ncantesimo is a collages and analogue photographs project made in 2023. It is an open window onto past eras, a mirror of today's reality. It is a tribute to what is “home” in the heart.

ISBN: 978-87-7620-180-7

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Editorial Assistant: Silvia Antoni

Designer: Alexander Sakovich

Published on: 4/23/2024

Category: Art

Price (€): 89

Keywords: analog photography, collages, art, photography, film photography, storytelling, naples, italy, personal project 

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