By (author): YAMAKASINO

Title: MINIMALarchitecture

Subtitle: concreteVIRTUALITY


For series "MINIMALarchitecture" Yamakasino roams through urban landscapes to find special views and insights. In doing so, he takes the form of photography very literally: he sketches his motifs with the help of light in order to then produce paintings from these sketches in the studio in a contemporary sense: The digital drawings are enlarged, painted over in a two-dimensional and structural manner, and then presented artistically. And in the process, a mix of styles from modernism to contemporary art comes into being: Brutalism meets Pop Art, Impressionism is constructed, Expressionism is deconstructed. The teachings of Bauhaus and Conceptual Art are used and broken playfully and according to whim. Although YAMAKASINO learned art on the street, he has a textbook mastery of the styles. Perhaps this is what is so exciting about his MINIMALarchitecture series. The paintings allow him to design objects, buildings, places, and walls that would be inaccessible or off-limits to him as a sprayer. His selection, however, clearly stems from the view of a person who sees the urban landscape not only as a motif but also as a canvas. This is an invitation to explore the urban jungle with YAMAKASINO and discover beauty where it is neither visible nor expectable at first sight.

ISBN-13: 978-1-915600-39-4

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 1/11/2022


Number of pages: 160

Category: Artbook

Keywords: Minimalist, Architecture, Art, Colorful, Urban

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