Marnie Noir By Marnie Noir


By (author): Marnie Noir

Title: Marnie Noir

Subtitle: Between art and society


Born Free. Marnie rebelled as a child when she felt restricted in her personality or when the actions of others seemed contradictory to her. Soon she found her values in her heart and music, like refuge and freedom in art. From a free spirit, she evolved into a fashion designer and businesswoman, emancipating herself into an independent woman and artist. She critically questions the fashion industry, the role of women, and today's educational and economic system. Fascinated by technology, psychology and interpersonal communication, she frees herself from judgment and defies all the rules of art, design and society. Her work includes a variety of large-scale paintings with impressive figures that have a touch of the supernatural and tell abstract stories. With her unique visual language, she transforms emotions and real-life experiences into memorable modern artworks with inspiring boldness and depth. Marnie has maintained her inspiration and passion for art and fashion. From paintings on canvas, fashion illustrations, VR art to sculptures, she serves a diverse spectrum of art forms.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-41-7

Book language: English/German

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 29/01/2023


Number of pages: 180

Category: art

Keywords: art, paintings, sculptures, abstract, b&w, woman, artist, art book, design, portraits, bnw, fashion, fashiondesign, society, digitalart, painter, painterlife, mindset, roadtosuccess, satire.

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