Magnolia Wine - By Aks Huckleberry


By (author): Aks Huckleberry

Title: Magnolia Wine

Blurb/Shorttext: Imagine a gorgeous sunny morning, that does not begin helter-skelter, but lazily, without a hurry or any unnecessary ruffle. You wake up peacefully, and maybe even happy, and you open your eyes because you’ve had enough sleep rather than were rudely disturbed by an alarm… The light around you is speckled with gold and you are you. You then get up and go to the bathroom, where in the mirror you see yourself, your true Self : relaxed, confident, recipient to this world and listening with every fibre of your being, knowing, loving and appreciating yourself. Without masks, without any theatrical make up to hide behind, in a sacred union with that day and life around you. Stories that Aks tells us through her artwork are about such moments. These are difficult to put into words and, I imagine, even harder to catch in their true essence. It is about a certain harmony between intimacy, an unsteady nature of each fleeting moment, honesty and secrecy. That is why each portrait is soulful and unique.

ISBN: 978-1-914569-77-7

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Publication date: 2021-11-04


Number of pages: 188

Category: Photography, film, video, TV

Keywords: photography, nudes, art, photobook, portraits, people photography, faces, art photo, women, uncensored, Nude Photography.

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