L.A.R. by Marco Introini


By (author): Marco Introini

Title: L.A.R.

Subtitle: Photo exploration of the Los Angeles River


The Los Angeles River, originally a natural river, is now a concrete channel. It is a hidden landscape made up of infrastructure, bridges, viaducts, and dams, alternating with the seriality of industrial and residential settlements. A river that isn't used by citizens but by filmmakers as a set for movies like Grease, Terminator 2, Drive, In Time, The Core, and the famous music video Happy by Pharrell Williams. The river is perceived as a necessary and useful infrastructure but not as a community space, despite the Los Angeles River revitalization being active since 1991.

Introini has an analytical vision based on the redesign of urban maps as an act of territory census, but above all, to connect with places, which he later developed through photography. The river, or rather, the canal, is not visible from the road. In fact, the speed at which you traverse the metropolis fixes large natural and artificial objects in our memory, but not that strip of water and concrete that extends for 77 km, from its beginning at the confluence of Bell Creek and Arrojo Calabasas in the San Fernando Valley all the way to its mouth in the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach.

These photographs can help introduce the ever-changing landscape of the river, with artificial elements like bridges and dams contrasted with areas where you are completely immersed in nature and no longer perceive the metropolis.

The photo exploration is composed of about 200 photos taken between 2016 and 2017.

ISBN: 978-87-7620-100-5

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Keywords: Photo, exploration of the Los Angeles River, L.A.R., Marco Introini

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