Julia wants Beautifully By Radionova Julia


By (author) : Radionova Julia

Title: Julia wants Beautifully


The heroes of Julia's shots are us. You, me, and our friends. Explicitly created to record the life of the bohemian representatives of their generation. In these works, artists and musicians, curators and art historians, models, and architects are registered to expose them to their human essence, as naturally as possible. The camera captures moments of extreme pretense, when the trying on of images in pursuit of imaginary individuality and pleasure goes so far that the masks fall off again, revealing real faces.

ISBN-13: 978-1-914569-69-2

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 2022-08-25

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Number of pages: 104 pages

Category: Naked

Keywords: Naked, Provocation, Erotica, Naturalness, Sexy, Voyeuristic

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