Freedom By Mathilde Rietsch


By (author): Mathilde Rietsch

Title: Freedom

Subtitle: The Attraction of the Alps


Freedom. This word came to me as a matter of course during my very first road trip in the Swiss Alps and since then, it resonates in me every time I am in the mountains. The peaks offer this feeling of power and at the same time of smallness and insignificance. Mountains give us the possibility to feel everything, without limits, to be one with nature and with the whole world. “Freedom” is a visual journey through the Alps. It shows my personal relation to the mountains and captures the strong fascination I have for them. The book explores the origins of my attraction to the heights as well as its expression in my photographic work.

ISBN-13: 978-1-915600-37-0

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 28/10/2022


Number of pages: 136

Category: Photobook

Keywords: Travel, Mountains, Alps, Hiking, Roadtrip

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