Fiercely Divergent By Randolph Colosky


By (author): Randolph Colosky

Title: Fiercely Divergent

Subtitle: 30 Years of Transformation


Randy Colosky's debut art book, Fiercely Divergent, is a comprehensive survey of the artist's thirty year multidisciplinary practice, featuring his most notable installations and sculptures. Focusing on materiality and process, Colosky's work challenges traditional notions of sculpture, pushing the boundaries of form and function. Fiercely Divergent provides fascinating insight into Colosky's creative process and unique approach to craft and materials.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-95-0

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Publication date: 3/19/2023


Number of pages: 176

Category: multidisciplinary art

Keywords: multidisciplinary, sculpture, public art, painting, installation

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