Embracing Shadows by Anastasiya Otkidach


By (author): Anastasiya Otkidach

Title: Embracing Shadows

Subtitle: 12 sec in between


In "Embracing Shadows. 12 sec in between” Anastasiya Otkidach invites us to an inspiring, powerful, emotional journey. The scheme of this book transcends traditional boundaries - the structure is an amplifying reflection of the content statement. In the main part she embarks on a transformative trip, a captivating exploration of the energy within individuals, predominantly women. Through her lens, she weaves a tapestry of fairy tale vibes, where hidden insecurities converge with visible beauty, revealing a powerful narrative of self-acceptance. As the book unfolds, a personal odyssey unfolds - a testament to Anastasiya's own experiences. We're all getting through a challenging and multifaceted process of transformation. For women it’s difficult to accept that your body and your face is changing and that you're going through different stages, physically and emotionally. Nobody can run from this, but if you work with this you can see the beauty of it. For the artist the project is a healing part. With her self portraits she fearlessly delves into her own vulnerabilities, shining a light on the challenges faced by women. Through her photographs, she portrays the rawness of ageing, the fluidity of emotions, and the intricate stages of personal evolution. It is a voyage we can all relate to, traversing the physical, mental, and emotional realms.

ISBN: 978-87-94484-76-3

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Editorial Assitant: Silvia Antoni

Published on: 9/11/2023

Category: Art

Keywords: Mythical, Architectural, Ethereal, Powerful, Vulnerable, Beauty within Depths, Transformative, Dark, Intimate,Transcendent, Metaphorical, Surreal, Reflective, Unique, Empowering, Emotional

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