Desiderium By Eduardo Oropeza


By (author): Eduardo Oropeza

Title: Desiderium

Subtitle: A melancholic appreciation of the transiency of existence


Eduardo is a 26-year-old visual artist, born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. From his early stages filming skateboarding with a camcorder, to traveling major cities in the world, he’s refined his vision and elevated his taste for story telling. Always eager to expand his archive in all sorts of different genres of photography, from street, fashion, conceptual, editorial, portraiture, and documentary.  Even though you rarely see much of this side of his work, it’s hard to put him in a box, and this book it’s a great example of it. He really can produce anything he puts his eye on, or perhaps that is just a way of fulfilling his frustrated desire to become a filmmaker. At times he creates scenes, stages his stories, other times works just as a sensible witness waiting for minutes, hours, even days for something to enhance the impact of his frames, whether it’s a person walking down Michigan Avenue with a red umbrella, to anticipating the tides of the Pacific Ocean to be able to capture a beach break back in his hometown. Just to name a few, that shows the level of commitment to this craft. Switched from digital to analog in 2019 for all his personal work, ever since, he’s been pushing the limits of this medium, experimenting different film stocks, cameras, processes, and light conditions: though occasionally the results are out of focus, gritty and filled with chromatic aberrations, most times he finds the perfect balance to evoke his never-ending nostalgia through images.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-40-0

Book language: English/Spanish

Publishing house: Snap Collective Publishing

Publication date: 12/08/2022


Number of pages: 168

Category: Film Photography

Keywords: travel, lifestyle, skateboarding, fashion, analog, eduardo oropeza, art photo, b&w

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