Cool Cull by Mauro Serra


By (author): Mauro Serra

Title: Cool Cull

Subtitle: Giving value


Through dystopian scenarios, saturated colors and unexpected subjects, Mauro Serra's poetry seems to want to tell the journey of the anti-hero, subverting the rules and dragging the viewer into a surreal and amusing world. The search for subjects starts from the simple things of everyday life, trivial, even disgusting things that no one would pay attention to. Instinctively, the artist recognizes something extraordinary in what appears ordinary. It is a prophetic vision of the object's potential, a metaphor for the value that is inherent in each individual and which manifests itself when an opportunity is granted. At this point color takes over the role of mentor, whose compositional choice determines the success of the shot, regardless of the chosen object, be it an artichoke, a brain, a building. Research in the style and development of Serra's favorite themes, i.e. the application of neuroscience in art, a legacy of university studies, and again the technological development that is causing a deleterious decline in the use of intelligence lead to a deep reflection on the importance that is given to little things, to situations, to people. The contemporaneity has itself subverted the order of values, slipping on a surface of appearance impermeable to deep reflections. It is from this point of view that Mauro Serra focuses his attention on the scraps, in the captivating aesthetic of the shot, and finally arouses the interest of the viewer who is fascinated by the subject while experiencing surprise, disgust, amusement and reflection at the same time. Having achieved the aim of playing the observer, of leaving him amazed, the artichoke remains an artichoke, but it is the idea of ​​the object that becomes subject to remain imprinted, the thought that everything deserves attention, above all if it is the brain, a fundamental organ for living, growing and evolving. Evolution always leads to unexpected consequences and can be accompanied by fun without losing value as in the colorful world of Serra.

ISBN: 978-87-94484-83-1

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective


Publisher representative: Liza Kovalchuk

Published on: 9/25/2023

Category: Art

Keywords: Cool Cull, Mauro Serra, surreal, dystopian scenarios, saturated colors

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