Behind an impression By Natalia Klimza


By (author): Natalia Klimza

Title: Behind an impression

Subtitle: Visual Conversations


Behind an impression is a cross-section through Natalia Klimza's most interesting work. The book is divided into three parts:

- visual conversation - a series based on the extraction of forms, colours and the relationship between them. It refers to abstraction, surrealism and impressionism. It is an introduction to the next two series.

 - essence - a series consisting of 27 photographs. It is a story about the flame, about its multicoloured and multiform energy perfectly depicting the inside, emotions and also the scent of human.

- sensual energy - a series in which a woman's identity is shaped through body expression and gesture. It tells the story of the energy that forms the body when the immaterial becomes material.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-73-8

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Paris

Publication date: 3/19/2023


Number of pages: 144

Category: 1587 - Kunst/Fotografie

Keywords: art, photography, aesthetic, abstraction, surrealism, impression, expression, color, form, light, darkness, mystery, blurring, sensual, ethereal, scent, emotions, energy, essence, soul, being, human, woman

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