Artificial Existence By Tiziano Autera


By (author): Tiziano Autera

Title: Artificial Existence

Subtitle: Tiziano Autera - selected works


Tiziano Autera (b.1992) received his training in art and craftsmanship through his father, who would carve wooden sculptures, whose inherent references are today a visible legacy in Autera’s oeuvre. Academically trained in graphic design, later on, he reverts to figurative art to feed his profound desire to shape unprecedented combinations. Hailing from Switzerland, he already counts on a varied roster of international galleries and numerous side artistic and creative projects. Words by: Bianca Spaggiari.

ISBN: 978-1-915600-85-1

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective Paris

Publication date: 5/13/2023


Number of pages: 176

Category: Artbook

Keywords: contemporary art, figurative art, feminine figure, cubism, sketches, women, beauty, abstract

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