All The Posters in NYC Are Fading by Andrew Boyle


By (author): Andrew Boyle

Title: All The Posters in NYC Are Fading

Subtitle: A Pandemic Story


When the world ground to a halt in an attempt to delay the spread of the newly  discovered Covid 19 virus in early 2020, major cities became unthinkably silent and a visual context of a planet racing against time and illness.

With little else to do during the ongoing shutdown besides an evening walking expedition, Brooklyn based photographer Andrew Boyle saw the usual flow of advertising posters wheat pasted to New York City’s construction sites and facades peeling away. Aged by weather and modified by human interaction, the absence of anything to advertise meant nothing to replace them.

The result is a curious and unique documentation of a year that saw an ongoing public health crisis colliding with a summer of racial reckoning and an election year featuring an increasingly authoritarian President gone mad, played out across deteriorating wheat paste posters around an exhausted metropolis, as they peeled to reveal faces and words from underneath, forming a street gallery of evolving natural collages.

ISBN: 978-87-94484-35-0

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective


Publisher representative: Charlotte Müller

Editorial Assistant: Anna Romanovici

Published on: 7/31/2023

Category: Art

Keywords: Posters in NYC, Boyle, city, people, pandemic art

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