A Nervous Contact by Joseph Caster


By (author): Joseph Caster

Title: A Nervous Contact

Subtitle: A collection of photographs from 2019-2024


From shimmering, lush grass to strange, observational interiors, characters pretend constantly and sacrifice anything. The shine on their skin charges the body. Like honey, it slides off in thick pools—sweat from fire, redness from hell, blueness from moonlight, and pinkness from Eden. Whether they are devils, angels, or heroes, they remain trapped in a dark paradise. "They stood together in a false intimacy, a nervous contact" -Women in Love, D.H Lawrence

ISBN: 978-87-7620-150-0

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective

Website: www.snap-collective.com

Editorial Assistant: Valentina Furtuna

Designer: Elena Bidnenko

Published on: 3/27/2024

Category: Art

Price (€): 89

Keywords: Photography, queer art, analog and digital photography, art, mythology, narrative photography, storytelling

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