The Storyteller by Carl Yonder


By (author): Carl Yonder

Title: The Storyteller

Subtitle: Art of Carl Yonder


The Storyteller is the first comprehensive collection of Carl Yonder’s art created over the last decade, showcasing several bodies of work including, the Storyteller Trilogy, Fool’s Journey and his most recent body of work Caravan.  The Storyteller includes intricate line drawings and preliminary sketches used in the creation of his work, collecting over 200 pieces of art The Storyteller is a must have for fans not only Yonder’s work but fans of visionary and surreal art.

“Storytelling is the biggest driving force behind art but specifically creating art with the goal of inspiring the viewer to become a Storyteller. All of my work is built with narrative elements, some are more structured, and others are much looser in their approach but ultimately I want the viewer to be able to create their own story based on my art.

As a private person I am naturally less inclined to speak to any specific meanings of my art, I never want to give specific meanings as I believe it will only work against any deeper meaning the viewer sees within the art; ultimately I aim for the art to be expansive rather than finite in its ‘understanding’.“ – Carl Yonder

Bodies of work in this book:
•    Storyteller I an engaging narrative telling the story of an explorer traveling the river of the subconscious
•    Storyteller II continuing the story of our explorer now as the world shut down, our explorer must journey deeper inwards through meditation for inspiration, discovering a source of ancient creation stories and flood myths
•    Storyteller III follows our explorer remembering the world before, memories of the past colliding with the present, connections to outer and inner worlds fracture and shatter under the weight of complex emotions
•    Flood II inspired by tales of an ancient flood and Transcendental Meditation, incorporating the idea of TM physically into the piece itself where you the viewer access higher states of consciousness through diving deeper into the art as it unfolds before you
•    Fool’s Journey an attempt to document Yonder’s artistic process, inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot, this body of work is a metaphor for the journey he goes through with every creative venture
•    Caravan, Yonder’s most recent body of work inspired by the paths taken as we all move forward through time, living in the present, remembering the past and thinking of the future. 

ISBN: 978-87-7620-244-6

Book language: English

Publishing house: Snap Collective


Editorial Assistant: Natalia Manole

Designer: Yana Geruk

Published on: 6/7/2024

Category: Art

Price (€): 89

Keywords: Transcendental Meditation, visionary, surreal, esoteric, meditation, narrative, implied narrative 

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